Stop Kiss, Leciester Square Theatre, 2013

‘The two leads, played phenomenally by Olivia Hunter (Callie) and … really bring the piece to life; their on stage dynamic and characterisations are sweet perfection and whisk you away into the joys of new friendship and pure New York life. As the story swaps from one point in time to another, both actors are flawless in switching emotions within a hairs breadth and pull you into their adoration, leaving you on the edge of your seat baiting for that first kiss. These ladies are definitely ones to look out for.’ Stuart Saint – Broadway baby

Olivia Hunter’s portrayal of Callie is energetic, and the tenderness she expresses in Sara is heartfelt and genuine. When she tells Detective Cole about the moment that Sara is beaten to a coma, we are drawn so intensely into the action by her passionate rendition that I felt pure relief at not being subjected to viewing such a crime.’

Emily Goldthorpe-One Stop Arts

‘Olivia Hunter carries the play, giving a charming performance as traffic-reporting nutty New Yorker, Callie; who, beneath deliciously awkward wit, has moments of genuine poignancy. She bounds across the stage with tremendous confidence, as the audience titter at her wide-eyed panic whenever the doorbell rings. She handles this highly energetic character effortlessly, pinning down believable sporadic mannerisms that ensure the humour flows naturally.’

Daisy Thurston-Gent-What’s Peen Seen

An Experiment with An Air Pump, Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 2011

‘Olivia Hunter gives a standout performance as hunchbacked house servant Isobel, and really conveys the meticulous intelligence in her character – a manipulated and tormented woman in the shadows of middle class society – extraordinarily well.’

James Waygood-So So Gay

‘Olivia Hunter’s Isobel captures both the character’s movement between strength and vulnerability perfectly.’

Melissa Phillips-Backstage pass. biz


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